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Join a leading decoration brand with an international presence and a solid commitment to entrepreneurs. Starting your own business with MikeaDeluxe is a guarantee of success. The structure and essence of the brand are perfectly reflected in our flexible license concept and a low-cost format that meets the new consumer demands. At MikeaDeluxe we design and produce high-end doors and fronts for the IKEA furniture and we elevate the aesthetic value of their furniture by transforming the ordinary into extraordinary. A new formula without limits to create designer furniture keeping the budget at bay. A revolutionary method that is increasingly in demand and it is loved by clients, professionals and industry magazines.
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FROM 10.000€

With the smart cost franchise model that we use, you will not need to invest in stock. Our status as designers and producers combined with our purchasing center, collaborations with artisans and artist and contiuous resarch into new sources of production and technologies, allows you to have a business with an extensive catalog WITHOUT the expense of a minimum or initial stock. Our production will adapt to your demand levels without increasing your investment.

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Our goal is for you to have the necessary resources an knowledge to grow your business. To do this, you will get face-to-face training and a simple management software, while we support you from MikeaDeluxe continuously generating growth opportinities and specific marketing actions. If your training, current activity, experience, tastes or preferences are related to the home and decoration sector, this is a business for you. We will enjoy helping thousands of people to meet their dream of a more personal, sustainable and rational decoration together.
The access to our business model is easy thanks to the technical and commercial training that you will receive from the head office. You will not need previous experience. When the time comes, you will be perfectly capable of resolving any issue on a flexible daily management. In addition, you will start your activity under the umbrella of a brand that already enjoys notoriety, so you will attract, from the first moment, new customers already familiar with the product we offer. You will enjoy wide expectations of growth!
PROFITABILITY in about 9 months
You will be the owner of your own business with the advantages of being part of a much broader and continuously growing network. You will also have an exclusive area for the development of your activity. Our revolutionary formula in decoration has reduced implementation requirements and commercial equipment. You will amortize the smart investment in less than 1 year. And your business risk will be minimal thanks to our experience!
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