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"METALLICS" by MikeaDeluxe

The metallics presents a new and revolutionar surface with a metallic finish, a soft texture and a high resistance impact.

This collection perfectly combines the unique qualities of wood and provides enormous added value, chromatic richness and transparency to the metal.

It is designed to satisfy any need in furniture design and the most avant-garde interior design projects.

It is ideal for elegant environements and futuristic furniture.

The collection has received prestigeous awards, highlighting its innovative qualities and decorative properties.

High quality doors and fronts in masif 18 mm MDF board that are fully compatible and easy to install to elevate your IKEA furniture and provide a sophisticated and cutting edge style.

Find them in our catalog under the reference "Metalicos" and according to the series you may need.

Metal Oro

Metal Champagne

Metal Cobre

Metal Titanio