MikeaDeluxe by Olga Garrido

"The design should evolve towards a practical and custom low cost that allows people to live in an affordable but "singularly" beautifull setting"

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"There is a general wish to keep the own resources. This desire has to coexist with our variability and fashion desire. This is the departure point for my method. It is called D´FRENTE and it  eases the mimicri of the popular Ikea furniture by exchanging the front parts (doors and drawers fronts). We only use limited editions to avoid aesthetic mass use.  The process is economic, quick and clean. It allows to upcycle your furniture with different aesthetics time and time again , depending on the design of the front parts.

It is a natural evolution of the Ikea design that challenges the ordinary patterns towards the individuality of the prived and colective atmospheres.

 I myself have adopted this method to decor my homes and I can tell you that my friends have been shocked to know that some of my furniture was from Ikea. They have encourraged me to undertake this new adventure to share with you my original way to fill the home decor with personality and variety.

Find your style in our catalog of doors and fronts for Ikea furniture and you will be amazed about what you can get!"


Olga Garrido, founder and main stockholder of MikeaDeluxe, is entrepeneur. Her experience covers different business areas like the maritime and technological. At present she is dedicated to this new project. She diversifies as creator of experimental elements in residential and commercial decoration displaying  provocative concepts and a very personal way of product focusing.

The center of the idea is a stimulating experience through the prospection of an unusual way of conceiving furniture, with departure point in simple low cost structures that can be transformed when integrating new materiality facades, color and contemporary shapes.

She deals with several levels of architectural representation -organic, graphic or intuitive- in the design of her pieces. She always provide an important visual experience on the spaces showing her creations.

In constant cooperation with local artisans, she continuously look into new production sources and assimilates the latest technologies in her designs. Together with her creative team, always watchful to understand the latest trends, she brings to their catalog the most avant-garde design concepts. She got academic training in Advertising and Public Relations, International Trade, Digital Marketing and Industrial Design.