Basalt for Besta

Basalt for Besta

Los Duros

High resistant furniture/closet door or drawer front in basalt color and silk touch finish.


* Spanish peninsula.



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Basalt front or door model of high resistante surface, mate finish and silk touch, suitable for the mostpopular Ikea series and perfect for an intensive use. When combined as doors for Besta, Pax or Billy you easily get a personal style for your Ikea furniture.

Discover the amazing furniture you can get in few minutes and personalize your decoration as an interior designer.

- 100% Ikea compatible
- Exclusive
- Trendy
- Quick installation

According to your choice
18 mm MDF board
Cleaning and care
Clean and wet cloth
Set up instructions
2 set 110º hinges (not included but available in our catalogue)
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This product offers free return within 15 days from Spain (península). Other return origins will be charged with return transport costs.

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