Zebra 25 brass legs
Zebra 25 brass legs

Zebra 25 brass legs

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Upgrade your Ikea furniture with these fluted brass furniture legs model Zebra 20200. Easy style and glamour that you can directly screw to your Besta by means of the M-8 screw incorporated on each leg.

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Stylish fluted brass furniture legs that easily elevate your Ikea Besta furniture. You can make amazing combinations for your home decoration. The installation is very simple and compatible with the Ikea Besta series by means of the M-8 screw that you can screw directly to your Besta piece. There is no need of aditional drilling or modifications in your Besta piece. You will get a new style in a moment!

Diámeter 25 mm
fluted brass
Set up instructions
Screw M-8

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