Ágata for Besta
Ágata for Besta
Ágata for Besta
Ágata for Besta

Ágata for Besta

Los Estampados

Door or drawer front model in natural stone imitation. It combines perfectly with the Ikea Besta structures in oak/black color to compose a custom and trendy sideboard, bar cabinet or tv furniture piece.

Limited edition 1000 pieces

Inner finish

Create an amazing design piece of furniture with the Ágata doors and drawer fronts, specifically designed to update and customize the Ikea Besta series of furniture and furniture structures.

They are modern and original and they are produced im limited edition so that your decoration is exclusive.

A world of possibilities for your Ikea furniture in which you will get a new style for your home easily. By installing these doors and fronts on your sideboard or tv cabinet your decoration will transform instantly.

- 100% compatible with the Ikea Besta series

- Allows you to quickly incorporate the latest trends in furniture and decoration

- Limited edition 100 pieces

- Fully finished product ready to be easily installed in few minutes

- Great economy in time and money

- Free personalized advise.

According to your choice
Particle board
Cleaning and care
Clean and wet cloth. Do not use any detergent.
Set up instructions
With 2 Ikea Besta press hinges ref 802.612.58 (not included)

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