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Aguamarina Pax door


This door has been designed to modernize the Ikea "Pax" type of cabinets. A piece ready to fit your closet, giving a personal touch to your bedroom or dressing room. A model designed in aguamarine green that combines perfectly with a contemporary style of decoration.

This door model is fabricated on order and therefore returns are not accepted.


Reforming or decorating a house is exciting, but it is often difficult to give it a personal touch, specially when decorating with furniture that is too neutral and popular.

With this Aguamarina door design for the Pax series from Ikea you will get that exclusive, elegant and sophisticated style that the interior designers achieve in their projects.

A modern and contemporary personality for your bedroom or dressing room. An original and unique design that will turn your wardrobe area into a decorative part of your home.

Change the doors and modernize. The doors are ready to be installed and fit perfectly with your Pax cabinets.

- Compatible wth Ikea Pax series.

- Ready for easy installation

- Free advise, send us a message if you have questions.

According to your choice
Cleaning and care
Clean and wet cloth
Set up instructions
With 3 Ikea Komplement hinges per door, ref 002.145.05 (not included)
aquamarine green

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